About me

Hi! I’m a Product Management Consultant and Professional Scrum Trainer based in The Netherlands. I help organizations to thrive in the face of complexity and uncertainty by improving their ability to learn and adapt.

What I do

By helping organizations to learn and become more adaptive, my work empowers teams to build the right products and services, using a suitable process, whilst allowing people to prosper.

More concretely, I build adaptive organizations by:
• building bridges between high-level strategies and the day to day challenges of product development
• identifying strategic goals and related measures to monitor progress
• measuring the impact of products and services
• facilitating co-creation and collaboration across organizational silos
• involving end users in product development
• training and coaching on the job to help Product Owners, Product Managers, and teams succeed

What led me here

After writing my PhD thesis on modeling risks, I worked on risk management in the area of climate change and studied how various social groups aspire to build smart cities. Publications I (co-)authored during this time can be found here.

My research taught me how the making and using of technologies interact with organizational and social contexts. Without an understanding of such interactions, the benefits of technologies are compromised and technologies may end up having a negative impact.

Informed by these insights, I decided I wanted to help organizations build products and services with maximum benefit for the end user in a more effective manner.

Curriculum Vitae

Download my CV or visit my LinkedIn profile.